Microsoft Licensing

Website Redesign

Just as offline styles vary with time, online user preferences & styles vary. What was in wainfo an year ago, would look outdated or stale today. To keep in touch with the present & latest online user preferences, we provide the latest "look and feel", to corporate as well as eCommerce websites. Please see Web Site Redesign page for further details on redesigning websites.

Microsoft Office 365

Custom Web Design & custom Programming

  • We offer Custom web design supportOnline Branding services to create an online identity for our clients.
  • Wainfo technologies specializes in web based custom programming. Many of these programs are developed in close cooperation with our clients, troubleshooting and working together to find the exact solution for each problem.
  • Please see our Custom Design page for further details here.

Skype for Business

Management & Maintenance

Your web site needs to be online 24/7. We provide Web site Management and Maintenance services to not only keep your website online, but also update changes, news,campaigns, discount offers etc. Details of Web site Management & Maintenance is eliminated. Contact us for your SAAS development requirements by clicking the link below

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